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Leg Aesthetics in Turkey

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Leg Aesthetics in Turkey

Leg Aesthetics

Leg aesthetics is an indispensable aesthetic element, especially for women. Shaped, symmetrical and smooth legs are among the most important elements of body aesthetics. The most common complaintsabout theleg aesthetics are bowlegs, asymmetry in legs, aesthetics of fat legs and thick ankle, very thin calf and very thin ankle, asymmetric fat deposits (such as hip-width, calf size) that disrupt the leg contour.

People who have leg aesthetic surgery are those who have tried to get rid of these problems with non-surgical methods for years and have not found a final solution despite various diets. Hereditary factors might be the real problem for those who apply for leg aesthetics or leg thinning surgery due to the thickness and deformity of the legsdespitetheir regular sports habits and healthy nutrition.

What Is Leg Aesthetics?

Leg aesthetics includeall the operations of calf aesthetics (calf thinning),kneecap aesthetics, hip thinning, lower and upper leg aesthetics, which cover the body area from the ankle to the hips. It is possible to slim and shape the fat legs for leg shaping, to remove excess fat in the leg, and make a fat injection to the thin legs to correctdisproportions.

In some cases, "silicone leg prosthesis" can be used especially for thinness in the lower leg and calf area, and for "bowleg aesthetics".

Who Can Undergo Leg Aesthetics?

Leg aesthetic surgery is an aesthetic operation that is frequently demanded by those who have aesthetic problems such as regional fatteningin the leg area, deformities, disproportionate thickness in the legs compared to other body parts, excessive thinness in the ankle and calf areas.

The disproportion between the legs and the body and the excessive thickness of the legs cause problems while choosing clothes, cause lack of self-confidence, and avoidance of wearing skirts. In some patients, thickening in the inner legs and knees may interfere with walking and doing exercise. Thickness in the hip area makes the legs look shorter and the hips bigger.

The problem of thick legs that cannot be corrected with intense sports and dietmight be associated with the disease called lipedema in many patients. All these areas can be shaped and thinned with Vaser Liposuction in people with thick legs, excessive fat accumulation in the hips, and excessive thickening in the ankles and calf area.

Another problem in patients who demand leg aesthetics is having very thin ankles and weakness in the calf area. Leg shaping surgery, silicone calf prosthesis, or fat injection can be performed to correct weaknesses in this area.

How Is Leg Aesthetics Performed?

It cannot be explained with one method. Leg aesthetics operation can be performed with multiple methods according to the need and preference of the patient.

  1. With the method known as leg thinning surgery or leg shaping surgery, the legs are made thinner and appear longer and in shape. The leg fat removal method or leg shaping method, which is most commonly used for this purpose is Vaser Liposuction.
  2. Leg asymmetries are corrected with a fat injection or leg prostheses with the surgery, which is called the Bowleg Aesthetics. The fats removed by Vaser Liposuction can be used for fat injection into the legs in order to correct thinness and disproportion especially in the lower leg area, calf, and ankles. It is a demanded method for “Fat Injection into the Legs” since it provides highly permanent results.
  3. Surgeries known as Leg Lift Surgery or Thigh Lift Surgery are used in the treatment of sagging in the leg caused by the reasons such as aging, weight gain, or sleeve gastrectomy surgery. In leg lift surgeries, we do Vaser Liposuction and removal of excess skin together. The stitch marks that will occur in the area, where the excess skin and tissue are removed are camouflaged so they remain unseen on the other side of the leg.

Leg Aesthetics Cost in Turkey

Leg aesthetics are performed for many reasons such as the thickness of the legs, deformities, regional fattening, skin sagging, bow leg appearance. The general name given to the correction of all kinds of aesthetic deformities in the legs is "Leg Aesthetics". For this reason, "Leg Aesthetics Costs in Turkey" varies according to the procedure to be performed. Please contact us for detailed information about the price of leg aesthetics.

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Update Date: 06.03.2023
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